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22 June 2022

  • Just a trip down memory lane, how Snopoint.com used to look please view link: text

24 April 2022

  • So I just found out yesterday that my mail server died. I think it was due to Ubuntu updates or the SQL database got corrupted. Regardless, I'll need to dedicate time to repair the mail server. In the meantime, I have set the footer links to point to an alternative gmail address.

13 April 2022

  • Welcome visitors! Site traffic has increased significantly, it's brilliant. view image

10 April 2022

  • Revival of contacts form. Still no email service backing as github won't allow and also security vulnerability. But please view at: https://snopoint.com/contact

21 Feb 2022

  • Successfully resolved all CSS errors within W3C CSS Site Validator. HTML Validation coming soon. view image
  • Resolved all but 1 issue for index.html view image

20 Feb 2022

  • Temporary site outage due to me accidentally sending only 1 file to github through a git push/commit thing. Removing all other content. Problem solved now because I had a backup though ^0^

17 Feb 2022

  • Additional projects added to Projects.html: Lenovo Thinkpad X230, Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 and Coreboot located in Future Projects
  • Images for relevant items added to images folder
  • Formatting/proofreading of website after updates
  • Increased line height from 1.428 to 1.628 for improved readability

30 Jan 2022

  • text-align: right added to nav .right to make text formatting work across browsers correctly. Differences appear without this addition in firefox web browser
  • width increase for nav .right element added, again for firefox web browser. This allows for nav to fit properly after previous changes. 515px to 575px.
  • navbar code cleanup, nav .left and .right edits to make 1414px @media changes look better. Specifically, nav .left logo and nav .right
  • Addition then almost immediate removal of @media 1169px. Effiencies sake called for changes to be limited to 4 @medias and I agree with this whole-heartedly.
  • Primary navbar looks much cleaner than before, think this is the final design for the nav atleast for now. Unless I decide to add dropdowns.
  • Breadcrumb navigation successfully added to each webpage excluding index because it'd be pointless. Color scheme is based on the infobody tag, which in turn makes my job slightly easier.

29 Jan 2022

  • Reversal of xhtml format and return back to normal HTML5. After recent discovery of xhtml being built from html4, so yikes there. Hoping to retain .html format removal from url
  • .html format removal from end of url did retain. Issue resolved there.
  • Navbar .right class formally center aligned with a percentage based width of 67.7% is now pixel based at 440px, looks cleaner (:

26 Jan 2022

  • Minor proof-reading changes
  • Increase of font-size for main navbar, formerly 85% now 100%
  • Cool designs for projects page, may be reflected for other pages as well: design 1 & design 2

24 Jan 2022

  • Projects page overhaul
  • Actual images to replace image placeholders, resize to fit on page. Pixel based to retain shape on smartphone as well. Looks solid
  • Proofreading my own code hurts me physically
  • h2 and h3 elements added to make text more visible
  • alt text added to images on projects page for accessibility purposes, have to appeal to sight impaired as well as, connectivity impaired persons :o *cough* also improves site compliance

23 Jan 2022

  • Changes to services, adding emphasis a class and hrefs to domain name and relevant sub-domains

16 Jan 2022

  • Return back to Cloudflare DNS, site is accessible again and no longer linked to my personal web server
  • Official removal of contact.html page from github, form has been deleted entirely. Which kind of sucks because that sure was one neat form ):
  • Changes made to every page in relation to changes made yesterday. Nav, page links, footer addition and formatting, formatting in general for each page
  • Bit of a serious overhaul, now that removal of form has been accomplished. I do not require extended features, I am satisfied with github pages once more. Therefore the website will stay here until I feel like moving the web server to say a... VPS. A solution like a VPS almost guarantees no downtime, unlike my server aha
  • Satisfied with change as of right now. Just need to change the 3 images at the end of index.html as they are not symmetrical, qucik fix but tad lazy right now and perhaps the main nav. It doesn't appear symmetrical either and kind of annoys the OCD in me. Images for proejcts page placemakers and perhaps a more organised feel
  • Drop downs for nav that auto go to specific sections of pages
  • Path displays like breadcrumb navigation
  • + other cosmetic items that make the website less boring. I really want to explore a forum like solution. Time will tell if I ever get around to that though. Personally thinking a discourse website or perhaps I'll make it myself similar to this website. Who knows?

15 Jan 2022

  • Big navbar changes, normal not mobile. Specifically, changes of padding-top from percentage based 1-2% to 22.5px or pixel based formatting.
  • Temporarily re-up of nginx web server to do serious and speedy website updates
  • Cloudflare pointing to my external temporarily, index.html doesn't even load due to lacking of ssl cert. Cloudflare ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Changes made to contact.html and contactform.php: i.e. a lot of php code has been repeatedly changed, nginx back-end annoying the hell outta me with the config file.
  • So apparently I need an email server in the background of my website for form functionality to work correctly
  • Scrapping of form for mailto: using an icon at footer. Simplifies everything and security is maintained as having two services (email and web) on the same server is a security nightmare. Also because I don't wanna get spammed due to having to lessen spamassassin rules for the mail server to function
  • Prior to the great form scrapping of 2022, I was looking at alternatives ranging from javascript mailing methods, as well as phpmailer. Sadly, I am incredibly disappointed. The js method works well but requires me to input my gmail smtp password in plaintext, or to secure/obsure my password I need to look into frameworks like node.js. Yeah, nope
  • Finally fixed coloring issues of main navbar and mobile nav bar, footer as well as all a/hyperlink related links. They now have a snazzy timer and hover based color (#007eff) transition. Special thanks to http://csszengarden for the inspiration
  • Footer added at the bottom of the contact webpage, soon to be all. A lot of formatting around the a/hyperlink class "icon"
  • @media changes for previous 1136px to now 1414px as changes have been made to navhead image
  • navhead has had resizing issues and to combat this I have reformatted navhead image and the padding element around it. Now no more nav blocking is occuring, woohoo
  • Main nav has outdated and rather limited fontawesome icons, replaced 4.7.0 version to latest 6.0.0.beta3, looking more recent and footer has icons that were inaccessible previously
  • Contact page is soon to be deleted entirely as with new footer introuction, a contact page or contact form will no longer be necessary

13 Jan 2022

  • Big, stressful move from Namecheap DNS to Cloudflare
  • Stressful DNS move to Cloudflare successful, had a bit of stress with my email server but its resolved now

12 Jan 2022

  • Significant changes made to navbar and @media
  • Addition of @media max-width 1136px and changes made to 992px values
  • Pixel based nav .right element changed from 1% to 15px a fixed size that looks much better all round
  • Removal of nav .left padding and nav .navhead class during resize/@media change at 1136px
  • Big nav changes specifically nav background and color change are consistent all round and actually present correctly
  • New button hover style in place, instead of text appearing #007eff, dominant blue color of website and background being white/blue. The background is bone color #f4f4f4. Deed is done, looks neat
  • Change made to mobile navbar as well but were reversed because the nav bar was perfect. *Note to self* never change .active and .current. Wayyyy too much of a hassle
  • Trying to pick an appropriate full stack to proceed with further development. Thinking a lot of the MEAN stack but I am more familiar with LEMP. Decisions, decisions. Probs gonna be LEMP. More to come

6 Jan 2022

  • Changes made to infohead and info body tags on styles.css, resize revealed weird massive head and body elements. Changed from percentages 1.75% and 1.75% for padding to pixels 15px and 20px respectively. Looking much cleaner
  • With the completion of the email server, the contact page and essentially all other elements of Snopoint are essentially completed
  • Moved from original domain snopoint.xyz to snopoint.com, due to mail service disliking .xyz TLD. Lots of scammers use it apparently, understandable due to how much cheaper .xyz tlds are. Trust factor is also much better when using a .com TLD so there's that

31 Dec 2021

  • Creation of form for contact page
  • Form based on template on w3schools
  • actionform.php addition to website docs
  • Changed name of actionform.php to contactform.php
  • Formatting changes for the form to make it look more appealing and match website theme
  • Specific label changes including color and addition of different labels
  • Form based on template on w3schools
  • Options for Country dropdown added (Top 10 countries added)
  • Send action functionality appears broken
  • Investigation proves Github functionality doesn't support POST, which is absolutely necessary in sending forms/emails
  • Alternatives will be the next avenue to pursue as Github doesn't possess the functionality required for this project
  • Will need to proceed w/ self-hosting and creation of VPS based email server, as this is required to receive emails
  • Changes made to viewport, specifically for nav, navhead image in annoying me so I've made

30 Dec 2021

  • Conversion to xhtml successful, no longer will you see .html in the url bar following the snopoint domain
  • Changes made to Services page to edit "Status" in servtab div and center as issues arose

8 September 2020

  • Noticed a navbar issue with 14 inch laptop screens and with window resizing on desktop
  • Looked into issue and decided to remove percentage based width formatting and replace with pixel based to maintain box shape during resize
  • Also moved nav right element more to the right using percentages, may need to replace with pixels as well shortly, as box shape doesn't retain at resize
  • Unsure if I should scrap design for desktop navbar and replace altogether with mobile navbar due to complexity. Leaning towards maintaining both for A E S T H E T I C though
  • Resizing and other items appear to be okay now. Basically at final design phase, not really much else to do than to remove placeholders, specifically: images and put actual images down
  • Really simple stuff, conversion to xhtml on hold for the meantime
  • css grids style replacement doesn't appear like a valid change currently
  • Previously mentioned table of contents will be implemented down the track as well

26 July 2020

  • Added font awesome icons to nav bar, reflected changes to all pages
  • Requested feedback from "stakeholders"
  • Informed me of navhead text not being centered on Google Chrome web browser Image
  • Resolved using a transparent image made using GIMP and adding navhead div
  • Lots of Formatting for nav
  • Idea to add image slideshow may have to be implemented shortly
  • Idea for adding a section shortcut textbox to each webpage, to make points of interest easier to reach
  • Site is reaching final design phase
  • May update design later to follow css grids layout but very doubtful
  • The website url has the .html format after the page name, other sites do not have this. To remove the .html format, I believe you need to convert all pages to xhtml. Determining whether going down this avenue is worth following
  • Research says that it's a simple fix, may implement shortly when I manage to free up time
  • Consolidation of website

25 July 2020

  • Changing old design of main navbar as it looks basic
  • Added logo to navbar (was an earlier design)
  • Floats separating logo and nav
  • Left and right elements added to nav for easier control
  • More @media formatting for all pages
  • Final design looks great, will be consolidating code to github shortly
  • Idea to add image slideshow to projects, services, changelog and contact pages (as they look rather dull
  • Idea for logo and nav header text to become images (IMPLEMENTED ON THE 26th JULY 2020)
  • Padding changes to all pages
  • Projmain id didn't have necessary @media changes, confusing me for 5 mins -.-
  • Projects was using servmain div instead of projmain
  • Tested @media padding changes, changed entire pages and affected parallax
  • Unhappy with results, returning to previous
  • More code cleanup

24 July 2020

  • Research into a better, cleaner smart device navigation menu
  • Research complete, decided on hamburger menu, implementation started on index.html
  • Formatting changes for new smartphone hambuger nav menu
  • Background color added and changed to dominant website color #1b1c23
  • Removal of page title in top left of inactive nav bar
  • Replaced with logo of snopoint
  • Fixed order of drop down hamburger menu items (quite tedious)
  • Javascript code syntax repairs
  • Internal JS script added to all html docs
  • Copied smart device navbar code to all other pages
  • Significant additions to @media
  • Code cleanup

30 June 2020

  • Redesign of index info section
  • Reformatting of margins and overall design
  • Resize of images to fit resizing formats
  • Added site location above info for site on index.html
  • Universal classes comment and items added to CSS
  • Reflecting design changes to the other pages
  • Requested opinions from the regular people
  • Implemented decided upon changes
  • Line-height has been added to CSS to make reading easier
  • White is now changed to a bone color #f4f4f4 to make text less blinding
  • Updated and swapped changelog information from ascending through the calendar to descending, now newer info is first
  • Another reconsolidation of index.html, styles.css and changelog.html

29 May 2020

  • Removed home icon from navbar due to sizing issues
  • Edits made to projects.html
  • Table border changes to services.html webpage

28 May 2020

  • Cleaning of services.html code to make it fit on 13.3" Dell XPS screen
  • Formatting and table fixes for services.html
  • Added icons and accessibility changes to services.html
  • Finalised table design for services.html
  • Unsatisfied with design of services.html
  • Will continue work when projects.html is up to par
  • Projects.html page has more context will need CSS formatting

25 May 2020

  • Several redesign attempts to projects page
  • Polled "stakeholders" (heh) about which design is best
  • Table format implementation underway

24 May 2020

  • Added context to each topic on projects page
  • Rough formatting continued for projects page
  • Ideas on future improvements for projects and services pages

23 May 2020

  • Rough draft started on Projects page
  • Starting to set out formatting for projects
  • Added topics and points to write more on later

20 May 2020

  • Removal of information webpage
  • Placed information textbox under the index webpage
  • Tinkering of website elements
  • Edits to navbar to reflect changes
  • Improvements to navbar for mobile devices
  • Text align added to inforight css element for aesthetics
  • Additional 3rd image for information section on index
  • Display: none; for 3rd image on info page for aesthetics again
  • Resolved navbar bug entirely for new Projects and Contact pages
  • Fix acquired through overflow: scroll; css element
  • Original Projects page is now Services
  • Info page is now Projects
  • Very satisfied with changes
  • Added relevant css elements to make new projects page
  • Awaiting parts for server upgrade to continue with services
  • Once server upgrades are acquired, email server will be created and contact page can be completed
  • Additional work required on Projects page
  • Consolidation of webpage through github and regular backups

8 May 2020

  • Snopoint logo now appears as website logo on browser page title
  • Completion of changelog code cleanup
  • Research into drop down menus to make reading tables easier

7 May 2020

  • Added context to projects webpage
  • Hyperlinks and table css issues noticed
  • Repaired hyperlinks and tables css
  • Formatting for project webpage
  • Research into responsive tables for mobiles
  • @media is now broken in external css but works internally
  • Font style Lato was not operational
  • Fixed but unsatisfied with font style, now using san-serif
  • Removal of float element in nav
  • Reformatting for nav and navlogo
  • Index page formatting
  • Fixed nav projects bug again
  • Responsive tables added to Projects and Changelog
  • Resolved CSS error regarding @media, mobile support repaired
  • Fixed @media
  • Beginning of changelog code cleanup
  • Aesthetic changes made to the tables on projects web page
  • Use of nth-child element to make table look appealing

6 May 2020

  • Changes made to borders on every
    page to facilitate mobile support
  • Border now only present in nav div
  • Specific nav div for index page
    formatted properly, yep
  • Overhaul to website design again
  • Page structure: length and width are extended to entire page
  • Deciding on css grid layout to improve mobile support
  • Removal of a lot of nav formatting to allow for revamp
  • Formatted nav text and logo again to match new design
  • Mobile format looks good but needs more work
  • Parallax height increased
  • Nav is no longer within navhead (change navhead name later)
  • Viewport scaling/mobile support added
  • Nav mobile accessibility changes made to css
  • Removal of navhead entirely
  • Style change made to nav for better mobile support
  • Navlogo format changes for mobile support
  • Added alt to snopoint logo on index
  • Format changes to nav reflected on all pages
  • Code cleanup
  • Nav bar bug spotted on projects page
  • Start of @media changes (clmain)
  • Changes made to padding on all pages
  • Mobile support added to Home, Info and Changelog pages w/ @media
  • Image alternations using gimp required, ugh
  • Added nav current class (nav current page highlight)

5 May 2020

  • Replacement of pixel based formatting to percentages on info page
  • Padding error in main div for changelog
  • Added padding to main changelog div
  • Changed navbar pixel based formatting to percentages
  • Added several divs to allow the logo to appear next to nav
  • Formatting for logo and divs
  • Navlogo formatting is in pixels for aesthetic purposes
  • Navbar bug patched entirely (text-align is strange)
  • Very tedious revamp of table design for changelog
  • Default border style returned to ensure empty cells disappear
  • Alts to images added for accessibility

4 May 2020

  • Navbar bug investigation concluded
  • Navbar css simplified from div id to "nav"
  • Overhaul of navbar design
  • Centering of nav from right alignment
  • Hover animation added to hyperlinks in nav
  • Color change of nav links from #FFFFFF to #007eff
  • Importing of google font-face "Lato"
  • Further color and background color changes made to nav links
  • Font folder created in website folder structure
  • Research into adding local fonts into website
  • Testing for fonts within local folder successful
  • Results unsatisfactory, returning to Google Lato font-face
  • Minor code cleanup and commenting
  • Increase of page width to allow for margin spacing
  • Reformatted tables to allow for year to be present above tables
  • More paragraph formatting
  • Breaks to make info and changelog textboxes match
  • Imagery added to info page to spice it up
  • Formatting for imagery and relevant divs
  • Consolidated website by moving code to my github
  • Creation of Projects webpage
  • Prepared projects webpage with default items i.e. nav

3 May 2020

  • Bug with index page navbar noticed
  • Wildcard entity added to css
  • Text passage added to info page
  • Fix to empty space above navbar and top border
  • Changelog page created
  • Table formatting for changelog underway
  • Resolved issue with info text container not showing formatting
  • History of Snopoint and myself added to info webpage
  • Paragraph formatting for info page
  • Organised website folder structure
  • Pointed media to their new locations

2 May 2020

  • Idea and rough draft stage completed
  • Index webpage and css made
  • Regular ids and classes placed into css
  • Parallax effect added to index webpage
  • Index page nearing final draft
  • Info webpage added to website
  • Fixing of most errors on index page
  • Added comments for key areas within css
  • Added placeholder for mobile support