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Hi, I'm the creator of Snopoint.com

I am fond of technology and that is why I have undertaken this project to host numerous services that will benefit myself and those interested.

The purposes of this project are as follows:

  • Improve my knowledge in linux server administration, website & service hosting, as well as web development
  • Gather my thoughts and ideas in an organised manner
  • Act as the central domain or "splashpage" for my numerous subdomains
  • Display information on projects I have planned

History of Snopoint

The name Snopoint originates from Snowpoint City located in Pokemon. The name sounded interesting and to avoid copyright, I dropped a letter. Thus Snopoint was born. I use this name regularly and now it has become the name of my domain and website.

Drafts for the Snopoint website begun in 2018. As a long running project, work has been placed into the design in snippets. However due to recent events... My workload has been simplified, allowing me to work on Snopoint frequently.

History of Myself

I am a studied technology enthusiast that enjoys assisting others with their computer-related issues, working with servers, web design and coding. I am primarily a linux user but my studies revolved around the Microsoft Windows ecosystem. A terminal is where I spend most of my time when I'm not gaming, consuming other forms of media, working on projects, studying, sleeping or socialising (rather difficult now though heh)

Thanks for showing interest in my website (:

Snowpoint City Badge linux penguin terminal icon